Friday, April 29, 2011

Batch 22 : More about u

Hey babes,Batch 22: More about u hav just updated !!!

Simple wear wit a style..make u more perfect

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SUBANG AVENUE"Fashion Carnival"30th April-1st May(Labour Day)

Hey Dearies ,Motte Closet will be at SUBANG AVENUE "fashion carnival"
tomorrow 30th April-1st May(Labour Day) ..SALES start from RM25-RM69 only,is a Good Bargain ! Come n Shop wit us tomorrow ! BTW,we brought some plus sive , exclusive goodies for Mother's Day promotion ...still thinking what to buy for your mom ? Come and visit us there and grab some nice goodies for your mom and u ..see u there !

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey dearies,it's been awhile !!! Motte hav been updating newest collection Batch 21 : simply smashing at 12 april 2011,tuesday 2pm ..Do come and grab it fast before it's gone..check it out our website

Purchase 2nd items above will get 10% off discount..why not save up ur 10% ?!!

don't hesitate!

who purchase 2nd items ! Do send us ur order form, we will quote the discount price